Neighbourhood Watch

image-1-35Morning all! Prov 12.26 says “One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbour, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.”

‭‭We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to be the ‘salt and light’ but what does that really mean? This verse clearly  tells us that God expects us to be a guide to our neighbours. We, as Christians, are supposed to be the ones that set the standard, acting as role models in every context. When someone upsets us or we feel enticed to get involved in conversations we shouldn’t (often known as ‘gist*’), there will always be the temptation to (re)act like everyone else. There’s a difference, though – we’re not like everyone else. We’re God’s righteous, the ones He set apart. That’s not to say we’re not human or that we won’t fail epically at times, but it does mean we need to be mindful of our God-given responsibilities. Despite how difficult it can be, we need to fight these temptations so we don’t (accidentally) fall into the category of those that lead our neighbours astray. Let’s ask God for the grace and strength to be examples of His light in our daily lives.

Happy Wednesday!

*gist – the type of conversation that often leads to gossip

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