Time Machines

Image-1 (37).jpgMorning all! Prov 13.12 says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.” AMPC‬‬

As humans, we have the tendency to want everything now and find the act of waiting tiresome and frustrating. It’d be great to have a time machine where we could simply skip the waiting and jump to the parts we want, but life doesn’t work like that. This verse acknowledges that waiting is hard, so hard it can make our hearts hurt and our minds uneasy. Waiting for our hearts’ desire is difficult at the best of times but let’s not forget what the word ‘hope’ means. Hope only exists when we are confident that what we desire can become our reality, meaning, it just hasn’t happened yet. This verse assures us that when our desires are fulfilled, it’ll be worth the wait, giving us more joy, delight, and gladness than we could ever imagine. Take comfort from the fact we serve the God who, with one command, can far surpass our every desire. Let’s stop doubting His power and walk in the confidence that our God-given desires are on their way!

Happy Wednesday!

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