Happy Hearts

image-1-42Morning all! Prov 15.15 says “For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.”

Getting lost in our feelings can be extremely destructive. When we allow ourselves to dwell on the things we feel are going wrong, it’s often a slippery slope into discouragement and despair. Each day begins to feel worse than the last and it becomes harder to see the beauty and blessings in everyday life. The reality is that life isn’t comprised of one ongoing highlight reel – there are ups and downs and everything in-between. This verse reminds us, though, that our outlook is everything. If we decide to be positive and make a conscious decision to find joy and contentment in our every day, we will always find reasons to smile and celebrate. God has given us authority over everything and that includes our emotions. Let’s be mindful to not let our feelings control us. Instead, let’s choose to smile, even in the face of adversity; focusing our energies on having a happy heart regardless of our circumstance.

Happy Wednesday!


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