When Things Fall Apart

image-1-44Morning all! Prov 16.1 says “Mortals make elaborate plans, but GOD has the last word.” MSG

Throughout the year, we make plans about what we want to see happen, when and how. We draw up a timeline in our heads and expect things to follow the order we deem best. Our frustrations rise when our ‘elaborate plans’ start to unravel and things don’t go the way we want them to. We’re forced to accept that God’s plans are rarely the same as ours and He has the final say. As we look back, it’s easy to see the areas of our lives where God’s plans were vastly different to ours. In moments like this, we need to remember the simple truth that God is good, always. When our plans fall apart, it’s because His plan is far better. God promises to do that which is above and beyond anything we could ever imagine, ask or dream; so in those times when we despair, let’s be mindful that He hasn’t forgotten us. We may not be able to see what God is doing, but we can rest assured that He gives the best surprises.

Happy Wednesday!


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