Image-1 (51).jpgMorning all! Prov 18.1 says “Unfriendly people care only about themselves; they lash out at common sense.”

As Christians, we’re called to be friendly and although we all know this in theory, it’s not always our daily reality. We’re supposed to be beacons of light amongst family, friends, colleagues and strangers – even when we’re tired or it requires more effort than we care to summon. This verse reminds us that being friendly is often an act of selflessness, where we consider other people’s feelings above our own. The fast pace of everyday life means we can feel ‘too busy’ to be intentionally attentive to those we don’t perceive as our friends. Yet, making time for those we ordinarily wouldn’t is essential in reflecting Christ. Praying and reading the Bible aren’t the only characteristics that make us different from most of society. Let’s work on smiling at, speaking to and taking a genuine interest in those that come our way in the various contexts we find ourselves. Let’s be the Bible those around us read and determine to be decidedly friendly to those we could easily ignore. God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday!

Sooo today marks the 6-month ‘birthday’ of TWW! Woop Woop! At the beginning of this year, I had no intention whatsoever to start a blog so to be at this point is crazy to me – God really does have a sense of humour! Anyhoo, to say THANK YOU’ to everyone who has read/shared this blog and celebrate the CHRISTmas season, I’m organising a prize giveaway over the next two weeks.

All you have to do to take part is like and write a comment (or few) under your favourite post(s) and I’ll be randomly selecting ONE winner each week*. This time, I’ve partnered with ‘Journey to Beulah’ to gift two TWW readers with their fun and family-friendly Christian Board game (http://www.journeytobeulah.com) #boardgamesarethebestgames #noteverydayMonopoly

Looking forward to seeing your comments but whether you win or not, I’d like to say a very special ‘thank you’ to you all.

*UK only but extra special love to all the overseas readers! ♥♥♥



  1. As always, it seems that these posts were written for me. I’m still trying to understand how so much insight is packed into these short posts 😊.

    One thing is for sure, I’m going to keep reading this blog for many many Wednesdays to come. Happy sixth month anniversary!!!

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  2. First of all Congratulations on the 6th month Anniversary.
    I couldnt have agreed with you more about the article on being friends .
    Ever since I started reading your blog ,its become something i look forward to like an inspiration so to say .
    I will adjust myself to smile more and also make myself a bible for others to read .
    In fact thanks for all your articles .

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    1. Thank you yet again for your kind and encouraging words. So glad to hear it’s been a blessing. Still can’t believe it’s been 6 months – thanks for reading!


  3. Happy Sixth month anniversary!!
    Great post!! Its so true, we do need to be less selfish and think about the needs of others by being friendly intentionally rather than when we feel like. I never feel like being friendly. Thank God for his Grace,

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  4. My Precious Tomi – to God be the glory and honour for giving you the privilege and opportunity to be a blessing to your generation. TWW is truly an inspiration from the Lord as it challenges and blesses all age groups and gender. I pray that the Lord will endow you with more grace and wisdom to continue to serve Him and be a blessing to His people.
    Happy Anniversary my baby
    Love You Loads

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