image-1-55Morning all! Prov 20.7 says “The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.”

Walking with integrity is far more easily said than done. When we look around, it can be so tempting to copy what everyone else is doing and cut corners knowing that we’re able to get away with it. As Christians though, we’re instructed to lead by example even when no one else is looking. Integrity isn’t just about having strong moral principles, it’s about sticking to them despite their consequences. Sometimes that may mean we end up doing more work than our colleagues or that we have to face the repercussions of telling the truth (when a ‘white lie’ could suffice) but that’s the standard we’re expected to uphold. We’re called to be imitators of Christ even when it’s not the easiest option so we need to make a conscious decision to push past the temporary discomfort and strive to please Him. Let’s practice what we preach as we go about our daily lives knowing that our efforts are never in vain. God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. A very good reminder why we, Christians, should always be on our best behaviour, God is watching even when no one else is.
    May God give us grace to lead a spirit filled life. Have a wonderful day all!

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    1. Yes – I completely agree! Thanks for commenting! I was also looking around your website (which looks great by the way) but couldn’t find a subscription box?


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