Future Pending

image-1-65Morning all! Prov 23.18 says “Surely there is a future [and a reward], And your hope [and expectation] will not be cut off.” AMP‬‬

Today marks the first day of the third month of the year. Regardless of whether we feel like this year is racing by or ticking away slowly, we all came into the new year with expectations of what we would like to see happen in our lives. This verse is a simple reminder that the best is yet to come. This is not the time to start wavering in our faith. Instead, we need to stand strong with a renewed hope that God has already done the spectacular – we’re just waiting to see it happen. That’s not to say everything will be plain sailing but it does mean that God will surely make a way out of our ‘wilderness zones’. Rather than worrying that God won’t come through, let’s take the time to remind ourselves of the specific promises He’s made to us, clinging even more tightly to Him as we do so. If God has spoken it, He will definitely do it. Let’s stay expectant because He’s always faithful – our hope will not be cut off.

Happy Wednesday!


    1. Amen! It really is just a matter of time before we see in the physical what God has done in the spiritual. Thank you for taking the time to consistently comment – I really appreciate it!


    1. Glad to hear that! God’s already done what He needs to – it’s just a matter of time before we see it. Thanks for commenting and your gift will be with you soon!


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