Total Knockout 

Image-1 (68)Morning all! Prov 24.16 says “for the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.”

We all wish life could be plain sailing. It would be great if there weren’t any obstacles and everything happened just how we wanted, just when we wanted…. but that isn’t the case. Life has a way of tripping us up at the most unexpected moments and the way we respond to these ‘mishaps’ is a test of both our faith and character. With each challenge we face, we’re presented with a choice: either we wallow in our feelings (and our failures) or we rely on God’s strength and get back up again. As Christians, it’s important that we commit to purposefully building our resolve. We can’t allow ourselves to stay down because, quite simply, that’s not what God expects us to do. His grace is all we need to keep on pushing. His strength is all we need to keep getting up. Whether we like it or not, every fall builds character, teaching us lessons relevant to the season we’re in. Let’s be mindful to stop throwing tantrums each time we fall and instead look to God to pick us back up again, resting in the assurance that in the end, we win.

Happy Wednesday!


    1. Amen – me too! We’ll keep pushing until we get to the finishing line jumping hurdles and picking ourselves up (again) along the way! Glad it was a blessing and thanks for commenting!


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