Home Truths

Image-1 (71)Morning all! Prov 25.12 says “Like a gold ring or an ornament of gold is a wise reprover to a listening ear.”

The truth hurts. Being reproved (i.e. told about ourselves) no matter how gently it’s done, is very rarely a good feeling. We all love being complimented and hearing about how great we are, but when the tables turn and it’s time for some home truths, it’s a completely different story. It’s much easier to shut down or become defensive than to listen and actively absorb ‘constructive criticism’ regardless of whether it’s coming from our friends, family or anyone in between. This verse, however, reminds us that we should perceive correction as precious and as something that ultimately beautifies us and enhances our lives. Honestly speaking, that’s not an easy ask but the principle still rings true. Rather than ignoring/dismissing negative feedback, we should reflect and examine our shortcomings so we can continue on the journey of becoming the best version of ourselves. Let’s be mindful of how we respond when we receive ‘constructive criticism’, striving to use it as an opportunity to change for the better. God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday!


    1. Completely agree uncle – this is a really important point! Discernment is everything when receiving criticism because it’s not always constructive.


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