Only His Way

Image-1 (80)Morning all! Prov 28.9 says “God detests the prayers of a person who ignores the law”.

So many times we want God’s blessings without wanting Him. We know the details of what we desire but subconsciously show little interest in doing things His way.  Ignoring God is never an option yet we often pay less attention to Him whilst letting ourselves be consumed with any and everything else. This verse is a reminder of the value God places on us following His precepts. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and reorder our priorities, first of which is drawing close to God. Praying for the ‘right’ things but living in the wrong way is often futile because we end up stopping ourselves from experiencing the entirety of who He is. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for mercy and grace but let’s not forget that God sees our hearts and knows whether we’re even trying. Let’s commit to walking the path God sets out for us, listening to His guidance and embracing His way. After all, the prayers of the righteous are always the most powerful.

Happy Wednesday!

17 thoughts on “Only His Way

  1. Very uplifting as also evident in Det.28 God’s Will and commandments are paramount in order to to enjoy HIS blessings.
    Well done darling and Keep Firing the Word of God. Stay blessed

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  2. Welcome back babe. Thanks for the gentle reminder about living right before the Lord in order to enjoy the enterity of who He is.
    More grace on you IJMN. Love You. Mum

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