Shelter in the Shadows

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Morning all! Ps 36.7 says “How precious is Your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of Your wings.”‭

To say we live in troubled times is an understatement. Everywhere we look, we see another disaster.  Moments like this make it tempting to question God as we attempt to process all that’s going on in the world. This verse is a simple reminder that no matter what happens, God’s love for us is unfailing. It’s easy to see God’s hand when everything’s going well. However, we’re reminded that all humanity can find shelter in God, regardless of whether it’s a season of gladness or sorrow.  We need to remember that we’re an extension of God’s love so even when people despair, God’s spirit inside of us means He can use us to bring hope. Let’s commit to being used by God so we can reflect His light amidst all this darkness. God is our place of refuge, rest and rejuvenation so even when our resources feel depleted, let’s run to Him for more. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference so as we continue to pray for the nations, let’s ask God to use us as He wills.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. The right message at the right time. It’s very necessary and very important to remember at times. Thanks for His unconditional love and help us to do His Will as He commanded and love our neighbours like ourselves. Well done my Princess

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