Waiting Room

Image-1 (87)Morning all! Ps 37.34 says “Wait for and expect the LORD and keep His way, And He will exalt/honour you to inherit the land; [In the end] when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.”

Travelling steadily along God’s path can be a difficult ask. As we begin the second half of the year, it’s likely that we can name just a few ways we’d race ahead of Him. We all have areas in our lives we want God to have transformed yesterday yet if we truly trust and place our hope in Him, we’ll contentedly accept that He does things His way, on His time. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we should use the wait as an opportunity to display faith in God, not frustration at Him. God never asks us to wait for Him without expectation so our wait is never in vain. Instead, He promises to honour those who keep His pace by giving them the victory they seek. As long as our desires align with God’s purpose, we can rest assured that He’ll come through for us in ways that surpass our imagination. Let’s remind ourselves of God’s everlasting faithfulness and never forget we’re on the winning side!

Happy Wednesday!



TWW turns ONE today!!!

TWW is one todayyyy! Woop Woop! It’s crazy to think this started a year ago and I genuinely can’t believe where God has taken it! Thanks to everyone who has read, liked, followed and commented – it’s truly appreciated! To mark the occasion, I’ve finally created a Facebook page (click here!) and would love if you’d please help spread the Word by giving it a like and sharing with a friend or few! 🙂 


  1. Congratulations Tomi on TWW’s one year birthday!

    I look forward to receiving TWW in my inbox every Wednesday morning – as I know that what is written by you, is guaranteed to bless & encourage me.

    May Almighty God continue to bless you. Sx

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