Always Less Than

Image-1 (90)Morning all! Prov 30.2,3 says “Surely I am more stupid than any man, And do not have the understanding of a man. I neither learned wisdom nor have knowledge of the Holy One.”

Feelings of inadequacy are often brought on by comparison. The moment we start looking at what other people are doing and stop focusing on the race we’re running, it’s a downwards spiral. Almost suddenly, we begin to feel like we’re not as good as we should be and certainly nowhere near as talented as the people we believe are achieving more than us. We convince ourselves that ‘they’ are smarter, funnier, wiser, more Christian, more…. everything than us and wonder why God didn’t bless us with their gifts. What we forget, however, is that when God sees us, He sees the beauty of His creation. He sees us as wonderfully made and worth the investment to make us just so. Although that doesn’t mean we’re perfect, it does mean that each time we question our value, we question His judgement and that’s never a good look. God has a special purpose for us and will use every mistake we’ve made for His glory when we allow Him to take the lead. Let’s stop focusing on others and keep our eyes fixed on the unique journey He’s set for us… the one that only we’re equipped to do.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. God’s view is important and that’s the only thing that matter. There shouldn’t be any feeling of inadequacy.
    “when God sees us, He sees the beauty of His creation”…
    Thanks for another great message

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  2. Fantastic word. I’ve been saying this for ages but people around me don’t listen. Maybe they will now when it’s coming from Tomi the great 😊

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