The God Who Can

Image-1 (94)Morning all! Ps 38.16 says “For I said, “Hear me, lest they rejoice over me, Lest, when my foot slips, they exalt themselves against me.””

Sometimes we feel like God doesn’t hear us. We call out to Him about the things that lie heaviest on our hearts and can feel like we’re alone or there’s no answer. However, the reality is: that’s impossible. God promises that He hears our every cry and prayer, including the ones we can’t muster enough strength or courage to say out loud. Even at the moments when the silence is deafening, we have to remember that God is paying attention. He knows, He hears and He’s working. In our darkest moments, people may even question where our God is; but our peace should come from the fact we know He can be found in both the trial and the triumph. God never lets the obstacles we face overwhelm us. Regardless of what’s others may be whispering or the fears that play on our mind, we have to remind ourselves that He is responsible for our breakthrough. This simple truth should calm our fears because God always does exceedingly more than we can dream. Let’s take a moment to tune out the doubts and instead, focus completely on our God who can.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great- NOT to focus one out own believe or understanding but TOTALLY on at HIS appointed time. He’s able and we must have faith and TOTALLY trust Him. GOD bless you darling

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  2. So encouraging! Thanks for sharing. Whenever I feel like the silence is deafening, I go back to the psalms which are so packed with his promises and focus on his word which is truth. Even if it’s just one verse I can hold on to 😊

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