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Morning all! Prov 3.7 says “Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.”

The extent to which we prioritise our wisdom above God’s is nothing less than remarkable. Admittedly, we often don’t realise we’re doing it but the way we think and the decisions we make are products of us being ‘wise in our own eyes’. If we really recognised how limited our understanding was, we wouldn’t go a single moment without relying on God for direction. Our reverence for God and faith in His plan would mean we’d relinquish our need to control every detail, subsequently stopping us from throwing tantrums when things don’t go ‘to plan’. We all know that God’s ways vastly differs to ours, but accepting that reality can be such a struggle; especially when we think we know the most logical solution to our problems. The only way to experience the fullness of God’s peace and have enough strength for the journey is to live a life that reflects this simple truth: God knows best. Let’s alter the way we think as we strengthen our resolve to turn to His wisdom and not our own.

Happy Wednesday!


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