Green Grass

Image-1 (104)Morning all! Prov 5.15 says “Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well.”

Everything looks better when it’s someone else’s. Most of us can agree that there are things in life that we’d apply this phrase to including other people’s jobs, families, lifestyles and maybe even lives. In context, this chapter specifically talks about the woes of cheating. However, it’s a message that we can apply to anything because it’s a stern reminder to not believe the hype. Simply put, the grass is NEVER greener on the other side because… it’s not our designated side. As easy as it is to look at what other people are doing and how fabulously they’re doing it, what we really need to do is stay in our lane and thank God for what He’s given us. God is very intentional about the life He’s given us yet we often forget that’s the case. We spend far too long thinking about how great it’d be to have that ‘thing’ someone else does and end up neglecting the things we actually have. Let’s make a conscious decision to live the life God’s given us with less grumbling and more gratitude! God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Timely reminder! The people who’s “greener grass” you’re wishing for are busy looking at your own grass thinking it’s greener too. It’s better to remain focused on what one is doing and let God complete his perfect work. 😊👏🙌

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