Stand Corrected

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Morning all! Prov 9.8 says “Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you.”

There are two types of the people in this world. First, the foolish scoffer: the people who hate being criticised and take all feedback as a personal assault against them. Second, the wise: the people who embrace criticism and use discernment to identify what they can learn from others. We all have a desire to be the best version of ourselves and year on year we commit to doing, being and living better. Yet, if we did an honest and accurate assessment of ourselves, many of us would be surprised at the category we fall into. It’s fair to say that being critiqued is very rarely (if ever) a pleasant experience but the way we respond to it says a lot about us. If we’re unable to be level-headed and immediately begin defending our actions and/or mistakes, we’ll be demonstrating to others that we have an unteachable spirit which is off-putting at the best of times. God is the only Person who has the unending patience necessary to continually correct us. Everyone else, however, will eventually leave us to our own devices. As tempting as it is to surround ourselves with people only sing our praises, it’s not the right thing to do. We need people in our circle who can challenge what we do and call us out when we’re wrong, without hesitation. Let’s commit to being more discerning. Only then will we stop confusing criticism for a reason to go into combat. God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday!

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