Hunger Pains

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Morning all! Prov 10.3 says “The Lord will not let the godly go hungry, but he refuses to satisfy the craving of the wicked.”

We’re all in need of something and whatever its size there’s no denying we all have needs only God can supply. The level of frustration we can feel because of this simple truth can be overwhelming; especially because it means we have to be fully reliant on God and wait for His appointed time. This truth also requires us to have a faith that is unshaken by circumstances: the kind of faith that sees beyond the physical into the spiritual and takes God at His word. Although most of us know that God promises to supply our every need, we often have to battle against logic (and our senses) to truly accept and believe this in our hearts. The moment our needs starts to seem like they’re not going to be met, anxiety begins to prevail, and we very quickly forget that it’s light work for God (who also happens to be the Creator of the entire universe). God is a compassionate Father so He doesn’t withhold things from us just for the sake of it. If He hasn’t given us something we want, there will be a good reason why… even if we don’t yet know or understand it. Let’s never forget that God will never leave us hungry and remember that even when He doesn’t give us our exact desire, it’s because He has something so much better in store.

Happy Wednesday!

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