Press Refresh


Morning all! Prov 11.25 says “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

So often, we think the world revolves around us. We concentrate almost exclusively on our wants, needs, dreams and challenges and forget that others have a similar story to tell. We can get so consumed with ourselves that we don’t stop to consider that we’re surrounded by people whose lives are just as complicated. If we shift our attention away from ourselves, we’ll realise they need encouraging and edifying just as much as we do; even if that means planting positivity through a kind remark or an acknowledgement of their efforts. Generosity spans far beyond financial giving and as this verse demonstrates, God takes care of us when we take care of others. He uses people to meet the needs of people so it’s important that we think outside of us. In a world that encourages us to be ‘me-centric’, acts of kindness and selflessness are increasingly few and far between, but, we have the power to change that. It’s almost impossible to know the sheer breadth of battles the people around us are fighting and whether it comes in the form of insecurities, self-doubt or life’s hurdles, it’s guaranteed that everyone is fighting something. Let’s make a difference to how someone feels today and commit to giving them a boost that might just bring the refreshment they need.

Happy Wednesday!

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