The Kind Clan


Morning all! Prov 16.24 says “Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”

‘If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all’. We all know that this should be the case, but the reality of controlling our tongue is far easier said than done. Added to that, God expects us to take this simple rule further by being proactively kind every time we open our mouths. If we’re honest, that’s probably one of the realist struggles we face on a daily basis. People are people and this means they do the most ridiculous things and act in the strangest of ways. The funny thing though, is that we often fail to realise that we are just as flawed as the person we speak down on – just in a different way. Just because we don’t like the way someone acts doesn’t give us the right to speak unkindly about them. They are God’s creation just as much as we are and what should set us apart as God’s children is that we respond to the ‘characters’ we encounter with compassion and care. It’s easy to mask our unkindness as ‘telling it as it is’ but we need to consciously stop excusing our bad behaviour. Let’s be mindful about training ourselves to do better and focus on shining Christ’s light everywhere we go.

Happy Wednesday!


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