Bridge Repair


Morning all! Prov 17.9 says “Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.”

Although we may all have different levels of sensitivity, the truth remains that no one person is immune from being hurt by another. No matter how big and bold we seem or how ruthless we pretend to be when ‘cutting people off’, the reality is that losing relationships is a painful process. We all know that those who are closest to us have the most power to hurt us and whether that comes in the form of friends or family, we should do everything we can to preserve peace with those God has placed in our lives. When people fall short of our expectations and do things that upset us (which they inevitably will), we’re called to approach these situations with a kingdom mindset. Rather than dwelling on their mistakes and over analysing their discrepancies, we’re supposed to walk in forgiveness, letting go of the offence immediately. Talking issues out is often important and can be an essential part of the healing process, but we must be mindful that the longer it drags on, the harder it is to recover from. Let’s do more to look like Christ and make a conscious decision to love others despite their failings and our feelings. God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday!

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