The Main Character

Morning all! Ps 67.2 says: “May Your ways be known throughout the earth, Your saving power among people everywhere.”

This verse is beautifully simple, yet hugely powerful. As Christians, we can get so wrapped up in praying for ourselves, our personal needs, wants and desires that we forget there’s a bigger story at play. Over the years, we’ve managed to convince ourselves that everything, including the Bible, is simply about how much God wants to bless us, when in reality that is not, nor has it ever been the main story line. The entire Bible is centred around God, His unfailing love and His desire to bring everyone (even those we deem ‘beyond help’) into relationship with Him through Christ. Praying for ourselves is important but we should never forget that we are compelled to pray that everyone everywhere would know about our Saviour too. Our ultimate desire should be for the world around us to know Christ for themselves and experience His love in an undeniable way. We need to make a conscious decision to stop making everything about us and ask God to give us a heart for those who don’t truly know Him. Let’s stop thinking it’s enough to just ‘hope’ that people turn to Him and ask God for the courage to actively share Him with those around us. God will give us grace!

Happy Wednesday! 

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