*GUEST POST* Choose to Confide

Morning all! This week, it’s all about Psalm 69

I love the Psalms. King David had a heart for God. In Psalm 69, we see King David felt free to pour out his heart to God, no holds barred. He said to God I feel pain, shame, anger, I feel broken, unwanted; he asked for healing and many other good emotions ie: joy, peace. When we know God’s ability we trust in Him for all we need. Just 2 Weeks ago the ‘Wednesday Word’ was about who God is in His Holy Habitation (Father & Defender). Earlier in May we made a conscious decision to trust God & learnt pouring out our heart to God takes trust. As we deepen our intimacy with the Lord, may we encounter Him afresh as our redeemer who continually sets us free. He longs to be our best friend who is closer to us than a brother, always present & most loving. He ransoms & redeems us from EVERY distress, whatever that may be.

Let’s remind ourselves of His wonderful all sufficient name and if you’re a new subscriber to #TWW welcome to discover Jesus anew. I know Him to be My Ebenezer (Rock of Help), El-Elohe-Israel (the God of my future), El Roi (The God who sees me) – v30 shows us how David reinforced the covenant He has with God, through song.

Happy Wednesday!

Song recommendation: You Ransomed Me

Author: Titomi (thank you!)

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